Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're ready!

I haven't had many complaints lately, nothing worth mentioning. Mentally, I think I'm still trying to recover from all the snow days even though there isn't any snow in our yard now. Having many weeks home and trapped has put us in a continuing mood of laziness. I can't explain it. We come home - put on pjs. Haven't bothered to pick up or clean up much (the house is suffering!). Been behind on laundry (more so than usual) and cleaning the bathroom has taken a backseat (something you can't do with 3 boys using it). Maybe we just have the winter blahs. The weather has been bad so why bother? We use to be motivated so we could get up and out. Not these days. All I can think about many more days until Spring break when we don't have to bother with school or homework or whether there are clean clothes. I'm also thinking of summer....shorts, tshirts and bathing suits. NO COATS! Life takes a turn to simple when summer arrives. The boys live in their bathing suits like they have been living in their fuzzy pjs this winter. My laundry load goes WAY DOWN! Instead of there being a flurry of snow....there is a flurry of activities outside going on in the area. Living in DC, the nations capitol is a wonderful thing in spring and summer. Have metro will travel. There are so many places to explore, discover, and learn about. I can't wait. Last summer we started exploring many more to cover this summer. Artists to study and recognize at the Art Gallery, learning American History and seeing it first hand at the American History Museum or Archives, a visit to the Capitol. The bottom line is, if you don't want your house to be a mess or want to cook or clean up - keep the kids out of the house! After being snowed in for so long, I'm ready to pack lunches, grab a metro card and head out. Come on spring, we're ready, willing and able!!