Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heroes fight the beast

Two words. Cancer sucks. Doesn't matter what kind you have or how bad, it totally disrupts your life, shifts your mental being...it just sucks. I struggle with those that I know who are far too young to have encountered such an ugy beast like cancer. But those that battle the beast are true heroes.

Today I'm thinking of one special mom, fellow blogger who is fighting her own battle. My prayers stay focus on this special and amazing mom who is struggling with the beast but for all the women and mothers out there who try to keep life going not only for themselves, but for their homes, husbands and as much a normal life for their children as possible. This struggle is near to my heart as I think of my beloved childhood friend Bob, who was such an amazing man, who lost his battle with a rare kidney tumor at age 40 and of my friend Lori, we shared the journey of pregnancy and twins with me, left this world at age 42 from a rare soft tissue sarcoma and Colin, the funniest Brit you would ever want to know, who shared many fabulous travel adventures with me. The loss of these heroes truely rocked my world. But I push forward and keep close to my faith as I know that I will never walk alone. I do believe prayer is most powerful and important. Prayer is strong, wise, guiding, faithful, and focused. So keep those fighting the beast close in prayer and thought.

But if you really need to find strength, look to those who are still fighting the beast with all that they have. They are the examples we need to follow. They are amazing individuals who reach way down and charge forward every day. Keeping it all going not just for the themselves but for the sake of others they love. They are the heroes. I am thankful for all the heroes in this world who teach us how to find strength, encouragement, bravery, and compassion. Thank you.