Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Temptations of Life!

My sweet little man (aka son #3) came to me last night crying. He had a wash cloth on his lip. "What happened". "I scatched myself" #3 said. I quickly checked his nails. Then I really looked at the upper lip area with a trickle of blood running across. As #3 and myself gazed into each others eyes, he quickly said "don't say it because its not that!!!". I just burst out laughing. It had finally happened, he had figured out how to read my mind!! Usually they are perplexed as to "how" I know when they have been into something or broke something or whatever having 3 boys in the home can do. But this time, he knew what I was thinking....maybe it means he realizes how smart mommies can really be! Poor little man had decided to SHAVE. His irresponsible and careless mommy had left a razor in the bathroom (silly me for thinking I should shave for the first time all winter since I was going to the indoor pool). Silly me for thinking that no matter where I left something, if it was out of the ordinary, they would get into it. Its like a homing signal....if its "somewhere"...they will find it! Thankfully, it was a minor cut and it's already healing. I think his pride was hurt most of all. Son #1 actually did the same thing a year or so ago, but he actually cut his lip and it was swollen for a couple days. Funny thing, according to many of my friends on facebook, it seems this is a rite of passage. The infamous razor...it must have mystical powers if it can make hair disappear on your body. How could you not be tempted?? I too fell for this trick as I took my mothers razor and scraped it down my arm from the shoulder to the elbow. I still remember the horror of the stinging pain and then the blood. Those were the days! I have a feeling though, that son #2 will have learned his lesson by his 2 brothers but you never know. The temptation could eventually get too great.