Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Okay, I am not ashamed to discuss my addiction to reality shows. I think my days are so crazy hazy that watching anything other than mindless TV gets me through the day (note my comments on TV in previous post). So what kind of reality shows do I like or love....well, ones that have captivated me from time to time and on a regular basis (please, no comments and I have no reason why so don't ask) are Jon & Kate plus 8, 18 kids and counting (okay, I like ones with big families), Little People, Big World, Dog the Bounty Hunter (don't even comment!) and lets not leave out "The Girls Next Door". Okay, so now I've let you in on my shame (or enjoyment, depending on how you take it). So where is all this blah blah going....well, another favorite show of mine is Dancing with the Stars. I didn't watch last season because no one interested me. However, the season before I was cheering Marie Osmond big time!! Now the new season started tonight. I wasn't very thrilled with the original line up. BUT THEN, the unthinkable happened, someone got injured and replaced with HOLLY MADISON from "The Girls Next Door". Now I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would I even watch a show about Playboy bunnies and about a woman of 26 sleeping with a man 80???!! I asked myself many times over. First thinking I might need therapy to figure it out. I thought Holly was the biggest idiot alive. Okay, she still might be, but after you watched the show for a while, she grows on you. You may not be able to understand it, but you also start to accept her immense love for Hugh (who she has since broken up with because he wouldn't marry her and couldn't father a baby). Holly is just searching for love, happiness and fulfilment in life - like many of us do on a daily basis. So I am thrilled to say, I will be cheering Holly on this season. Get those phones out, start dialing...Holly, Holly, HOLLY!! (p.s. no I'm not drunk while writing this)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WTH (What the Heck)

What the heck is with all the depressing shows. I will be the first to admit my serious addiction to Law & Order SVU, House, Americas Most Wanted, Criminal Intent, Cold Cases, The Closer, 48 Hours, Misdiagnosis, Medical you see a theme here in my tv hours?? At first it was just fascination for me. Now that I have other worries on my mind such as the economy and whether our lives will be drastically altered because of it all, I find that now instead of fascination, I have obsession! I worry about those who haven't been caught - are they lurking in my neighborhood, will I get a disease that no dr. is smart enough to diagnose (since I doubt a real "House" exsists), what about those poor families who have missing family and can't find out where they are....the list just goes on and on. Now I don't enjoy those programs anymore because I just obsess and add to my stress. On the flip side, when not watching these shows, I'm addicted to reality shows and I think, how come my life isn't interesting enough to make money like these shows??? Guess having twins just isn't. So then I started thinking or rather reminising.....I use to LOVE watching Father knows Best, Blondie and Dagwood (in reruns that is), Happy Days, I Dream of Jeannie, My Favorite Martian, LOVE BOAT (one of my favorites) know the shows. You didn't have to worry whether it was rated G or PG or Y or Y7 based on your cable ratings. You didn't have to worry about the language or whether its appropriate, no one gets shot or killed, abducted or ill. So what was so WRONG with those kind of shows? Shows use to be made so that the whole family could sit and watch together, you didn't need to monitor everything. You didn't need to worry if someone wasn't going to eat because you ALWAYS knew that June Clever would be setting the table for a meal. I think during this difficult times, these are the kind of shows that should be making a reappearance. I know they made me really happy and brought many hours of entertainment. Not that I mind watching Hannah Montana or ICarly but wheres the imagination? Maybe I don't see it the same, maybe I'm actually getting old and just don't get it. But you got to admit - the days of Star Trek and Lost in Space were priceless! (yes, I was a big trekkie). So come on TV executives, bring back all these old favorites and someone start making more. There has to be someone creative enough out there where they can create new family materials without relying on someone elses reality or demise. That said....what's your favorite oldie? I'm a huge lover of shows that were in B&W - my top favs are 1. Love Boat , 2. Blondie and Dagwood, 3. Star Trek, Allen & Burns (George Burns and Gracie Allen made an amazing duo), 4. Dick Van Dyke Show, 5. Brady Bunch....and you?