Sunday, February 15, 2009

And so it goes

Today I was feeling overwhelmed with saddest. I'm not sure what brought it on (actually I do). I was sitting in church when I found out a couple I've known at church will be moving back to Atlanta in a few months. But then it made me think of another couple who will be moving back to England in July. Mary and Rob, what a wonderful twosome. Mary and I have done many prayer events together and is someone you feel automatically attached too. So I was sad thinking about their move back. Then I became sad thinking about England and thinking again how I can't afford a trip back to see my dearest friend Colin who has terminal throat cancer. After that thought, it just went down hill. Even though the sermon was upbeat, I couldn't help but miss Colin so much. Then when thinking of Colin, it made me think of my friend Lori that passed from cancer in September at age 44. Do you see the progression of events. One thought automatically led to another. That kind of sadness is so hard to shake. I figured if I went grocery shopping, food would definitely take it off my mind. But then son #3 started complaining about his throat feeling scratchy again and requested a trip to the drs. Off we go.....and again another case of STREP! We have never had strep circling the family like a vulture before!! The dr. said it was probably a very strong strain of bacteria - which happens - and some of the germs lingered, then grew, then tested positive again. Do you think we could win an award for most cases of strep in a short period of time in one family?? Needless to say, that did get my mind off of sadness for awhile and focused on making son #3 feeling better. I wonder if popsicles wil make my sadness better? Worth a try! Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one. I think I'll sit down and write a letter to England, just to let them know I'm thinking of them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Born in the USA

Today is Super Bowl and Bruce Springsteen is the headliner for the half-time show. He is also coming in concert to the DC area soon. Boy that really takes me back. I remember in 1983, getting to see the Boss at RFK stadium. I had just spent a week in Jamaica. Upon returning, I brought back with me food poisoning. For 2 days I was laid up, sick as a dog. Of course, everyone at work thought I had partied too hard while on vacation and was now taking sick days. Not the case. On day 2, the phone calls started - do you need your ticket to Bruce Springsteen? Say what? No way, I was going to that concert if I had to go in an ambulance! So on day 2 of my illness, I crawled my way out of bed and along with friends, headed to the metro. Destination - RFK stadium. The metro ride was hell. I was laying in the floor for most of it - too weak to stand. We get to the stadium, luckily, people were in such a party mode and kept moving around, I was able to lay across some chairs to rest. I will say, once Bruce came out and the music started, it was like the illness was moved from my body - we sang, we danced, we loved the Boss. When the evening ended, I was lucky to still have the energy to get back to the metro. Again, laying on the floor of the metro (no seats available). Wow what a night. I can't believe how many people called me to acquire my ticket. But let me just say, as painful as it all was, it was well worth it. I chalked it up to another adventure in life. So as I heard the Boss was playing Super Bowl, I couldn't help but be shot back in time. It was the only time I got to see Bruce but it will always be a fabulous memory.

And by the way, Jamaica was a wild time too - definitely worth the food poisoning too! If it wasn't for Jamaica, I wouldn't have met my dearest and my most wonderful friends Jane and Colin who live in England. After 20 plus years, we are still friends and have shared even more memories on other great vacations together.

Strep again and again

As if once wasn't enough, now son #2 has it again. Rather, the dr said, it is possible for strep to not go away and another round of meds are required. What is with that? I have called the dr. so many times in the last 2 weeks. It will end soon - right?