Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow madness

I love snow. I love my children. I love days home. I love all the things I do with my children. But honestly, after having them home now for 10 days because of the blizzard prior to winter break...I think I'm about to break! Every second of every day, they want to do something and continue to ask "what's next"? I don't get it, any other time, they are complaining when I make them go do something. Those extra days home have definitely thrown us all off. Their sleeping and eating schedules are off and my mental well being is OFF! Thankfully, tomorrow sons #2 & #3 are heading off to ice skating camp for the day. All day! Whew! The older one is having a friend over to play hours of Wii....leaving me an entire day of quiet. I'm so excited I don't know if I can contain myself. I know that at the end of the week, I will be moaning about where the time went and I want more time home. No matter how much you love each other, you still need some time apart. Quiet. Peace. Can't wait to snuggle with my boys tomorrow night. I think I'm missing them already!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


When I started this blog, its purpose was for me to vent and write about things off the top of my head. But then after I started writing...nothing was coming to me. Or if they did, by the time I had a chance to write about it, I was too burned out. This year, 2009, was overflowing with challenges. Though in years past, we have been challenged before but for some reason, I feel like so much has been drained from me. All of a sudden, when I enjoyed reading other blogs daily, writing and communicating on my own, I seem to have lost interest. Why? I don't know. Usually when there has been a crisis in the family, the focus has been on one or two things. This past year, it has been on many - money, jobs, kids, school, parents, etc...the list goes on. I think that instead of having all the emotional, physical and mental focus being on something specific, this year it has been scattered among many various things. Stretching my time, energy and brain in too many directions. I decided that it was time to settle back for a while. That it was too much to "pretend" that things were fine and keep up all the activities and involvements. I have kept to my word. Not volunteering as much, stepping back and letting someone else take the reigns for activities and projects. Its hard for me to do these things but I am proud of myself for actually doing so. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and that I've learned, it's okay to not volunteer or to say no once in a while. I've put a little bit more focus on myself - okay, not alot but a little is better than nothing. Going to much needed dr appts, following up, taking medication. Now 2010 is just around the corner. Wow. What will it bring for me. Well, 2010 will start off slowly but try my very best to include about 20 minutes of exercise in each day. I will wake up each morning and think of one thing positive and write it in my notepad. I will also carry this over to my sons and give each of them a notepad and write something positive to them each day. That is it for my New Year things to accomplish. Keeping them simple, keeping them uncomplicated. If I do well with these, then I will have a back up list to add some a few months down the road. I don't think we should think of all our resolutions the first of the year, but maybe break them down to several times a year - quarterly maybe. Then you could spread them out, not feel so pressured. I like that. The less pressure the better. So on that note, I say, Happy New Year and may whatever resolutions you make at this time, may they be something that gives you a better quality of life and add a little happiness to each day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaways on Tech Savvy Mama

Go to for some amazing holiday giveaways! TechSavvyMama is giving away a HP TouchSmart 600 touchscreen computer. I could certainly use another computer as our old one is going on 6 years old and is now so slow, its like having dial up again! Unfortunately, the economy makes it impossible for us to buy a new one. So we would love a new computer because we need one that is fast, and doesn't take up alot of space and it would work well for my oldest son and his homework! Love TechSavvyMama!