Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sorry, Bathroom Closed!

I'm trying to figure this one out. As we continue, what seems to be a never ending cycle, the backlash of this horrible economy....I can't quite figure out who or how they actually come up with the things that are being cut from budgets. Money for new sidewalks and new condos and offices (which will have a large vacancy)....yet, they do not hesitate to cut spending in schools, county programs and libraries! As our elementary school is now double its size and way WAY over capacity, we still wait for 2 more years until another school is built in the neighborhood to relieve the overcrowding. The overcrowding which has gone on for 5 or 6 years, overcrowding that existed even when the school was renovated, overcrowding that the county knew about long before now....but hey, the new school kept being moved to the back burner while other schools got built and renovated! So how does a school district allow a school with a limit of like 525, reach a capacity of 1,000?? Boggles your mind, doesn't it. What boggles my mind even more is NOW they are trying to close many of our beloved libraries. Who ever heard of such a thing - close a library? It isn't due to a shortage of people or use. Fortunately, there has been a lot of resistance and the closings seem to be on hold for the "moment". However, every summer since son #1 was tiny, I have spent summers at the various libraries in our area attending all the amazing events they offer. In the summer they always have movies based on books, science programs, storytelling....and the list goes on. This summer - well, each library was lucky if they had 5 events going on. Sad. Just sad. AND if that wasn't bad enough - the summer reading program was CANCELED!! How do you cancel a summer reading program? I just thought that was so crazy. No money for extras. Then today, I saw an article that really just said it all in budget cuts....the county rec department is considering REMOVING ALL porta-potties from their parks! Okay, do not I use them, no. Do I let my kids use them....well no. But they must have served a purpose or they never would have put them there in the first place. Most of these parks serve the soccer teams and other events taking place - you need your porta-potties!! So riddle me this Batman...we live in Montgomery County which is rated as one of the best school systems, wealthiest, and top dog in many areas.....yet, we are denied libraries, reading programs, schools and bathrooms? If the economy doesn't take a turn for the better by next summer....I can't imagine what they will take away from us then!

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